Keith's Acid Test

MS in Quality Assurance, CSU Dominquez Hills

Use Keith's "Acid Test" to determine if your thesis is ready to submit for committee review.*

If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, your thesis may not be ready for committee review.

1. Have you successfully and completely completed the Thesis or Project Checklist on page 77 of the 2004 Thesis and Project Guide?

2. Have you:

3. Is your thesis a written product of a systematic study of a significant problem for which an original claim or hypothesis is made?

4. Do your chapter titles closely match those in the Thesis and Project Guide?

5. Have you carefully read and specifically followed the 2004 Thesis Guide?

6. Have you ensured that your paper conforms to the APA style manual in the areas where the Thesis and Project Guide specifically says to follow the style manual?

7. Have you used the Elements of Style book to guide your writing?

8. Is your thesis between 80 and 120 pages?

9. Is there academic rigor in your research? Are your sources primarily accepted professional texts, professional conference proceedings, and peer-reviewed journals, as opposed to public magazines or newspapers? Web references should be chosen carefully and not over used.

10. Have you avoided first and second person? The thesis should all be 3rd person.

* I have adapted a common set of Keith's feedback to create this acid test. While the compilation is mine, he is the source for the actual questions.