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Jim Clauson's
CAPP 385 Course Syllabus

Course Description:
Prerequisite: CAPP 300, IFSM 201, or equivalent. An introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Topics include basic principles and protocols of the Internet; configuration and use of graphical Web browsers; application programs such as Telnet, FTP, e---mail, and Net news readers; finding and retrieving information on the World Wide Web; and the use of portals and search engines. HTML and Web page design are introduced. Discussion covers Internet security measures as well as social, ethical, and legal issues related to the growth of the Internet. Assignments include designing and publishing a Web page.

Course Materials:
Required Books
Young Internet: The Complete Reference, Millennium Ed. McGraw Hill 007-211942-X

Course Objectives:
After completing this course, you should be able to:
  • demonstrate effective use of Internet and Web tools
  • describe the relationships between the Internet, the Web, and tools used in these arenas
  • find, transfer, and communicate information using a variety of electronic methodologies
  • assess your abilities to design and develop a Web page using various tools and methodologies such as HTML
  • explain the potential of the Internet and its impact on the workplace
  • evaluate the social effects of the Internet and the Web

Course Modules:
This course consists of the following modules:
  • Module 1: Browsers
  • Module 2: Internet Addressing and UNIX Overview
  • Module 3: UNIX, E-mail, and Telnet
  • Module 4: Internet Overview and Hardware and Software
  • Module 5: FTP and Internet File Types
  • Module 6: Searching the Web
  • Module 7: Chat
  • Module 8: Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
  • Module 9: HTML, Creating Web Pages, and Renaming Pages
  • Module 10: Internet Security and Firewalls

Course Grading:
The final grades will be weighted as follows:

Assignments = 20%
Online discussions = 10%
Project = 30%
Midterm Examination = 20%
Final Examination = 20%
Total = 100%

You must complete the midterm and final examinations to pass the course.

Letter grades for the course will be as follows:
Grade Points
90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D

Course Project(s):
Scope of Project

  1. The project assignment is to create a five-page business Web site. Some ground rules:
    Do not create a business that may be offensive to others. Your Web site should be something you would be proud to show your family.
    Please create a new business site from ideas generated.You may use the ideas from your existing site(s), but you must create an entirely new web site for this project.
    The more thought you give this, the better. Some things to consider:
    • If your business is selling something, how do visitors buy the service or product?
    • What are you selling? What is your service? The more enticing, the better.
    • How are you going to get the attention of consumers when there are millions of Web sites out there?
    • If you're not selling something, how will your site pay for itself?
    1. The project will be submitted electronically as an HTML document. HTML authoring programs (such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Word, or Netscape Composer) may not be used. All coding must be done by hand using a text editor such as Notepad.

    2. All research materials will be obtained from Web and Internet sites and will be appropriately documented. Do not use or reference any sources other than those found on the Web/Internet. Do not use copyrighted materials! Web site content, images, and layout are all copyrighted.

    3. The HTML document will be posted in the participant's home directory on Polaris. Exceptions must be cleared in advance. Appropriate file permissions must be set to facilitate global access.

    4. At a minimum, the final HTML document must include:

      • appropriate background colors
      • links to specific sections of the document
      • links to external documents
      • preformatted text
      • extended quotations
      • horizontal rules
      • unordered bulleted lists
      • charts and graphs
      • inline images
      • bibliography with links to source material
      • NB: pages must be compatible for both NS 3+ and IE 3+ - nothing newer. This typically means avoiding tags and features new in html 4.0. Contact me if you have specific tag or feature related questions.

    5. Each participant will be responsible for submitting 3 one-page written peer review/critiques of projects submitted by other participants in the class. The instructor will identify which groups to critique.

    Due Dates

    See the Course Schedule for the due dates of the following deliverables:

    • Weekly discussion
    • Draft project outlines
    • Projects uploaded and ready for peer review
    • Peer reviews/critiques of projects submitted
    • Exams

Course Schedule:
Please refer to the Web Tycho for scheduling specifics

Course Facilitator:
Jim Clauson, CyberEducator

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