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Jim Clauson's
CAPP 498C Course Syllabus
Web Site Management

Project Papers - Descriptions

Course Project(s):
The major project is a Web site Development Plan, which must include: Choice and rationalization for each of the following:
  • Planning model
  • Information Architecture
  • Web site management software
  • Web site server hardware and software
  • eCommerce strategy and engine selection
  • Security considerations
  • Data analysis of server load & capacity management and web traffic
  • Web site promotion and marketing strategy
  • Web site cost, personnel, contracting-hiring factors

7 Project Papers:
  • Paper #1: Web Plan and Information Architecture
  • Paper #2: Web Development Software Selection
  • Paper #3: Web Server (hardware and software) Selection
  • Paper #4: Web Site Security Analysis
  • Paper #5: Web traffic data analysis assignment:
  • Paper #6: Web Promotion Strategy and Marketing
  • Paper #7: Web Costing, Manning, and Resources

Project Paper Descriptions:
  • #1: Web Plan and Information Architecture assignment:
    You have already decided on a general model for the development of your site. In this step, you will look very specifcally at factors such as: the way the information on your site fits together, the path users will follow, define navigation, and etc. These are critical upfront, planning steps. Write a 500 word paper describing the PROCESS you will use. This is not a description of your site - but a description of the specific Information Architecture steps you will address.
  • #2: Web Development Software Selection assignment:
    Developing, producing, and managing a web site requires a suite of development tools - software packages that facilitate the efficient design and production of your sites. Evaluate the market and make specific recommendations for the packages you feel are necessary (based on a small-medium business budget, not your personal budget...). Write a 500-word report with your findings and conclude with a recommendation.
  • #3: Web server software and hardware assignment:
    Research the top Web server software packages (one UNIX-based and one M$FT-based) in terms of market share and the hardware they run on. Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, maintenance, and cost issues for each. NB: Assumption: You will be leasing server space and not purchasing the hardware. Write a 500-word report with your findings and conclude with a recommendation.
  • #4: Web Site Security Analysis assignment:
    Security and privacy on the Web are perhaps the two greatest stumbling blocks that stand in the way of e-commerce and the sharing of private information. As a designer, you have 3 general areas of responsibility: ensuring the privacy of customer information (i.e., SSL, payment systems, certificates, etc.), providing the user with a secure environment (i.e., use of active scripting, etc.), and protecting your own server environment (i.e., firewalls, security, etc.). Write a 500-word report detailing the current state of e-commerce security or privacy in the context of the site you are planning to develop.

  • #5: Web eCommerce Engine Selection assignment:
    There are countless eCommerce engines on the market, ranging from low-end, shareware CGI tools, to 6 and 7 figure enterprise systems. Survey the market and provide a review of what you consider the top 3 packages in the class relevant to the size of business your site will represent. Write a 500-word report with your findings and conclude with a recommendation.
  • #6: Web Site Marketing/Promotion & Traffic Data Analysis assignment:
    This is a 2-part process. First, you will need to develop a marketing and promotion strategy relevant to your products or services. Second, you will need to utilize traffic monitoring and analysis tools to determine the success of your marketing. Research and evaluate Web site promotion methods and ideas and select a plan. Then research available tools, such as WebTrends, and discuss how you will use the data to measure the success of your marketing and promotional efforts. Write a 500-word report with your findings and conclude with a recommendation.
  • #7: Web site cost, personnel, and hiring assignment:
    Budgeting is an unpopular, but important step in the overall web planning and development process. Resources MUST be planned for and necessary funds secured. For this assignment, you will analyse your site development and maintenance needs. You will develop cost estimates for the tools, software, hardware (as you have recommended in the papers above). You will also look at manpower planning. Write a 300-word report detailing your site budget planning.

Course Facilitator:
Jim Clauson, CyberEducator

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