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About Our Logo
Our company logo is based on a crop circle I saw a few years ago in South Wales (see arial shot [here]). The configuration shows how our 3 passions intersect: enabling internet technologies, life-long learning, and the Deming management philosophy. Virtually every pursuit of Breakthrough Systems is based on these.

NB: Script testing:

What We Do:

All Hands Hosting:

Specializing in custom, feature-rich, managed hosting plans

Websites offering hosting are easy to find - each filled with confusing charts with megs of storage, gigs of bandwidth, and countless ready-to-deploy scripts. But, you shouldn't have to have a degree in IT to find the right hosting package (we do, but more on that elsewhere..).

And all the bells and whistles in the world are not very useful if there is no support, poor support, or the help desk is in another country in a different time zone! Try getting hands-on support from someone 7,000 miles away.

We call our hosting services All Hands Hosting to differentiate us from all the others that practice hands-off hosting. Plus, our customized hosting plans are based on just how much assistance you need; from DIY Hosting to high-end, fully managed hosting.

Support -vs- Assistance: To make sure we are in sync... ALL of our hosting plans have full technical support. This should be a given. There will almost always be times when most everyone has a technical issue for which they need support. The second kind of support is assistance, back-end tasks like:

  • setting up emails and aliases
  • setting up formmail
  • configuring scripts
  • setting up shopping carts

Hosting Plans

The Plans below will give you an idea of the range of hosting plans that we have - each with graduated support/assistance, feature set, and account access. But, rather than send you to pages full of charts, comparisons, incremental differences in features... just tell us what you think you need and we will set up a plan to meet your specific needs.

DIY: $14.95/month Our hosting plans start with the DIY Hosting account for $14.95 a month. This Do It Yourself plan is aimed at those with a solid knowledge of ftp, servers, scripting, and back-end configuration. Assistance for this level is minimal as the client has the expertise to manage their own accounts. Some of our clients call this our "hands-off" plan.

At the other end of the hosting spectrum, we have:

Turn-Key Hosting: $39.95/month This plan is for businesses with little or not knowledge of servers, internet technologies, or maybe even computers. This is our fully-managed account - we handle everything for you. Some of our clients call this our "hands-on" plan.

In between, we offer:

Basic Business Hosting: $19.95/month

Enhanced Business Hosting: $24.95/month

eCommerce Business Hosting: $29.95/month

Prepayment Discounts:

If you prepay for 6 months, you pay for 5 and get 6 - that's one month free?
If you prepay for 12 months, you pay for 10 and get 12 - that's 2 months free! Plus, annually prepaid accounts include free domain registration, valued at $35.

Hosting PlanMonthlySemi-AnnualSavingsSemi-AnnualSavings*

* includes free domain registration, valued at $35

Details - for the Techies:

Features include the following, usage depending on the plan we spec out for you.

Plan Essentials

100 Mbps Connection: Yes
99.9% Uptime: Guaranteed
Multiple connectivity: Yes
Site Backups: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Web / FTP Stats: Yes
Sub domains: Yes
FTP access: Yes
Addon/parked domain's: Yes
Fantastico: Yes
Domain name management: Yes
Control panel: cPanel (Optional)
Static IP: Yes
Full SSL certificate: Optional
Shared SSL certificate: Optional


POP3/IMAP Accounts: Yes
Auto-responders: Yes
Email forwarding: Yes
Email Filtering: Yes
Access- anywhere webmail: Yes
Spam filter: Yes
Virus Scanner for POP3 Box: Yes
Mailing Lists: Yes


PHP: Yes
CGI/Perl: Yes
MySQL Databases: Yes
Flash Support: Yes
FrontPage Extensions: Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI/.shtml): Yes
ImageMagick/GD: Yes


Email support: Yes

What about storage and bandwidth specs?

We do not believe selling you what you do not need. The hype you read on sites about getting XX Gigs of storage and XX Gigs of bandwidth is WAY more than you will likely ever need. To keep your costs down and keep your site server as reliable and stable as possible, we carefully match your needs with server space.

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