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About Our Logo
Our company logo is based on a crop circle I saw a few years ago in South Wales (see arial shot [here]). The configuration shows how our 3 passions intersect: enabling internet technologies, life-long learning, and the Deming management philosophy. Virtually every pursuit of Breakthrough Systems is based on these.

What We Do:

Web Site Critiques

Expert analysis of your web site against industry standards

If just one of the following is true for your web site, we can help:

  • Search Engines: Are your potential visitors unable to find your site through search engines?
  • Stickability: Are your visitors finding your site, but not taking any action?
  • Lost Visitors: Visitors are finding your site, but getting lost in your navigation?
  • ROI: You have invested time and money in your website, but you aren't getting the ROI you expected??
  • No stats: You'd like to answer, but you have no data on your site traffic?

An expert web critique will reveal the secrets to make your web site more effective.

We write an exclusive, custom report on your site which reveals the specific problem areas and advice on how to fix them!

Make your website work for you... Contact Breakthrough Systems today. It is just possible your competitor already has.


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